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The Jerusalem of San Vivaldo

In the municipality of Montaione there is San Vivaldo, one of the most famous places of worship in Italy, recognized as a national monument.

The origins date back to 1300, when Beato Vivaldo, a saint hermit, chose this place to spend a life of penance for “the love of Christ”.

A chapel, a hermitage and a church dating back to 1355 were built which can still be visited today.
In 1500 On the Sacred Mount of San Vivaldo, thanks to some Franciscan friars, including Tommaso da Firenze and Cherubino Conzi, churches and chapels were started which reproduced the typography and the sacred places of Jerusalem.
The aim was to give everyone the opportunity to make a pilgrimage without having to go to Jerusalem.

Fra Tommaso da Firenze was based on his experience in the Holy Land and designed the site with great care, taking into account the astronomical orientation of Jerusalem and identifying places that would represent reality, such as the valley of Giosafat, the Mount of Olives and the Mount of Calvary.