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Gambassi Terme

Near Montaione there is a place known since antiquity for the salt water and for being a fundamental stop on the Via Francigena: Gambassi Terme.

Together with Montaione and other nearby villages, it is part of the territory from which the main Etruscan and Roman roads that connected the major centers of Tuscany passed.

During the Middle Ages began to develop craft activities for which it is famous, such as the processing of the glass and that of terra cotta.

The historic center is typically medieval and still preserves intact palaces and alleys with breathtaking views of the hills and surrounding countryside immersing you in a magical atmosphere.

Moving away not far from the historic center we find ourselves in the Benestare Park, a forest of centuries-old plants where the Terme della Via Francigena are hidden, which exploit the properties of Acqua Salsa, famous since ancient times.